230 years dedicated to the art of smoking


Excellance in Tradition

With over 230 years dedicated to the art of smoking We contiue the Traditional methods handed down by generations to create the finest smoked salmon in the world


Wild Irish Salmon

All our Wild salmon are sustainably caught by local fishermen on the River Laune which flows beside our smokery in Killorglin

KRD Fisheries

Crafted by Hand

Our Wild and Organic salmon are expertly filleted , hand cured with sea salt and lightly smoked over oak in our smokehouse.


We Ship Direct your door

Our order service, ships our superb wild and organic smoked salmon to Ireland, UK and throughout Europe.

Smoked Organic Salmon Side (sliced)

Salmon is served in as many ways as it can be in Ireland but it is at its lightest and smoothest at the Fish Smokery in Killorglin.

Richard Flaste

Serving Suggestions - KRD Fisheries

Wild Smoked Salmon &

Brown Bread

A slice or two of our superb wild or organic smoked salmon on nutty brown bread, a little mayonnaise and a slice of lemon. Simply the best!

Smoked Salmon &

Lemon scrambled eggs

Halve, toast and butter a bagel. Drape a slice of smoked salmon on each half and spoon over the scrambled egg. Grind over black pepper and serve with a wedge of lemon on the side.

Smoked Salmon &

Horseradish and beetroot

Slice some pickled beetroot into a bowl. Take a slice of smoked salmon, smear over some horseradish, then add a slice or two of beetroot, a pinch of cress and squeeze over the juice from a wedge of lemon with some olive oil.