The Atlantic salmon is the king of fish. Irish smoked salmon is a unique product and the smoked Irish salmon produced by KRD at our smokery here in Killorglin is extra special.
KRD has been harvesting and processing the wild salmon from the Laune Estuary in a sustainable manner for almost 250 years.
These wild salmon are used to produce Irish wild smoked salmon products of renowned quality and flavour.
KRD wild Irish smoked salmon is of exceptional quality because it is produced using Irish wild salmon that arrive at KRD’s temperature-controlled smokehouse located within metres of the river within a very short time of being harvested from the river Laune.
the fresh salmon is cleaned, split and trimmed entirely by hand. We add some sea-salt to cure the fish which is air dried for 24 hours before being cold smoked over oak in our smokers to produce our superb wild Irish smoked salmon.
We also produce delicious organic smoked salmon products using top quality Irish Organic Salmon.

KRD smokery in 1886 ! KRD Killorglin Great smoked salmon since 1782 The river laune 2016 KRD smokery Harvesting the wild Atlantic salmon smoked to perfection in our smokery 100 metres away. The methods used have changed little in over 100 years... A truly timeless operation We smoke our salmon over oak chips After smoking our salmon sides are packed ready for dispatch to our customers across europe

Great Smoked Salmon Since 1782 !

We continues the tradition of smoking Wild salmon from the River Laune which flows alongside the smokery.
We also smoke Organic salmon from the coastal waters of Ireland’s atlantic coast.
The excellence of K.R.D. smoked salmon is unrivaled.

KRD continues to produce the best Irish Smoked Salmon .

The quality of KRD wild smoked salmon is unrivaled and and has graced the tables of many well known establishments including the White House and the renowned Russian Tea Rooms in New York.

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KRD smoked Salmon delivers the finest Irish Smoked Salmon direct to your door.

KRD wild smoked salmon has a unique texture and unrivaled flavour. Our mail order service, ships our superb wild and organic smoked salmon to Ireland, The United Kingdom and throughout Europe

Natural smoked salmon without additives

KRD smoked salmon is produced without additives, colourings or preservatives. Our Irish wild and organic smoked salmon products are produced using fresh irish salmon, sea salt, and natural wood smoke to produce superb flavour and texture of traditional irish smoked salmon

KRD Smoked Salmon Products

Our home smoked wild salmon has a unique flavour and is of unrivaled quality. Perhaps because we use only freshly caught salmon from the river Laune in our smoked wild salmon products and prepare the fresh salmon for the smoker immediately after harvesting. After curing the the fish are cold smoked using a secret medley of hardwoods but oak wood is the predominant ingredient.
KRD Organic Smoked Salmon Sides
Our organic salmon are farmed in marine sites on the west coast of Ireland. where fish are stocked at much lower densities than conventional fish farms. High tidal exchange rates and strong tidal movements produce fish with firm flesh and low fat content.We use these organically reared salmon and smoke them to perfection in our smokery on the banks of the Laune in Killorglin to produce our delicious organic oak smoked salmon.
Our Wild Smoked Salmon packs are sliced for convenience
and are a perfect introduction to the unique flavour of our wild smoked salmon.
They also make great gifts and our delivery service can ensure that you receive your pack of gorgeous smoked salmon within a couple of days.

Smoked Salmon Recipe Ideas

Wild Smoked Salmon on Brown Yummy !
A slice or two of our superb wild or organic smoked salmon on nutty brown bread, a little mayonaise and a slice of lemon. Simply the best.
Smoked salmon & lemon scrambled eggs
Halve, toast and butter a bagel. Drape a slice of smoked salmon on each half and spoon over the scrambled egg. Grind over black pepper and serve with a wedge of lemon on the side.
smoked salmon with horseradish and beetroot
Slice some pickled beetroot into a bowl. Take a slice of smoked salmon, smear over some horseradish, then add a slice or two of beetroot, a pinch of cress and squeeze over the juice from a wedge of lemon. Skewer all of the ingredients together on your fork then finish with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.
Salmon is served in as many ways as it can be in Ireland but it is at its lightest and smoothest at the Fish Smokery in KillorglinRICHARD FLASTE OF THE NEW YORK TIMES