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KRD’s Fishery Smokehouse is located in the scenic town of Killorglin, the heart of the Kingdom of Kerry. One of Ireland’s most unique and historical smokeries, not only does its history date back to 1782 but we continue the ancient  practice of draft netting to fish for the elusive Wild Salmon from the River Laune that flows alongside the smokery.

KRD Smoked salmon is one of Ireland’s most unique delicacies and has graced the tables of many world-renowned establishments including the Russian tea rooms in New York and the White House in the United States of America. 

With over 230 years dedicated to perfect the art of curing and smoking, a craft and knowledge, passed down from generation to generation, to this present day KRD takes the finest Atlantic salmon and uses the traditional time-honoured methods of hand curing and oak smoking to create a balance of rich blended flavours and a velvety texture that will melt in your mouth. 


The River Laune has its origin in the beautiful lakes of Killarney, its clear, unpolluted waters flow from the lower lake into Castlemaine harbour and onto the wild Atlantic ocean. As it passes through the sloping countryside near Killorglin On the right bank by the river’s edge stands the complex of the picturesque buildings known as “The Fishery“. Within these walls in 1849 a partnership of Salmon buyers was established. The men involved were Samuel Kearys of Cork City, Messrs. G Ronayne of Youghal, Co Cork, and local man Willian Dodd giving the name K.R.D. The firm employed a workforce of over fifty fishermen. 

“KRD Smoked Salmon is not only rich in flavours but it is rich in the history that it stands upon.”

Generations of men from the Steelroe district have had good seasonable employment as fishermen for K.R.D. The work of handling the boats and nets is more or less a specialized job and has been handed down from father to son and grandson for many generations. For preserving fish, two ice houses were built close to the town near Farrantooreen Lake. Those were dug twenty-five feet into the ground, stone-lined and thatched. Entry was through a small opening where the ice taken from the lake in those arctic winters was stored the ice was used as a required preservative for the salmon in transit boxes. This system endured for many years until the advanced of science found a way to produce ice artificially. The firm also employed a full-time boatbuilder, a net-maker, a weight-master and a manager. 

The Fishery

The Fishery is situated on the banks of the river Laune between the Killorglin county bridge and the famous Iron Bridge. The fishermen start their haul just before the  Iron Bridge which was used to export tonnes of wild salmon on the passing train, including to The Billingsgate Market in London famous fish dealers McCann’s of Manchester and M.P Hanlon of Dublin.

To this day the local Fishermen still use the antient fishing practice of draft netting, with boats very similar to the ones used in the 18th and 19th century, in search of the elusive wild Atlantic salmon. 

You can visit the smokehouse anytime throughout the year where you can have a full view of our smokehouse factory, from our walk-in shop, the Fishery is one of the first stop-offs on the famous Ring of Kerry drive, with many bus tours visiting  to taste our renowned Wild Smoked Salmon.